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SeCURE Hospital is the best neuro care center in Karnataka and the Neuroscience Center of Excellence (CoE). The secure hospital is one of the best neurology and neurosurgery hospitals that have the best neurology specialists in Hubli, Karnataka. We provide cutting-edge treatment to a wide range of patients, from babies to senior citizens. The Department of Neurosciences has a multi-disciplinary team comprised of some of the best doctors of neurology and neurosurgeons in Hubli, as well as allied facilities such as physiotherapy, whose expertise, combined with the most recent technological developments in neuroscience, provide the best clinical services in neurology and neurosurgery.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Endovascular Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology, Comprehensive Stroke Management, Epilepsy, and Movement Disorders are some of the sub-specialties within the Neurology department. Secure Hospital, as one of the best neuro-specialist hospitals in Hubli, Karnataka, uses a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, such as the neuro-microscope, neurophysiological monitoring with electrophysiology, and ultrasound, to provide patients with the most effective treatment for brain-related issues. Our best pediatric neurosurgeons in Hubli are well-experienced and provide the best medical service for children under the age of 17.

Microsurgery and minimal-access surgery for spine fractures, spinal tumours, and cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery are all performed at the SeCURE Hospital’s Neurosciences Department. Our neurosurgeons specialise in awake surgery for various brain diseases, ensuring that particular brain centers are not damaged. Glowing Brain Tumour Surgery detects brain tumours in normal, healthy brain tissue, enabling more accurate and complete tumour removal. We are one of the few centers in Karnataka with this level of expertise and facilities.

Decompression surgery for spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and deformity repair, as well as craniovertebral junction surgery for congenital and acquired problems, SeCURE Hospital’s Neurosciences Department has an outpatient and inpatient wing, as well as a daycare unit and dedicated neuro ICUs, which are all equipped with the latest neuro therapies and excellent intraoperative fluorescence imaging. We focus on providing services using a cutting-edge strategy involving imaging technology and techniques, both for standard and minimally invasive surgery. In addition, the neurology & neurosurgery department of SeCURE Hospital has staff on call 24/7 a day, seven days a week, to handle all kinds of neurological emergencies and trauma.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery:

For a wide spectrum of spinal diseases, minimally invasive spine surgery is available.

  • Discectomy of the cervical and lumbar spines is a procedure that removes discs from the spine.
  • Decompression for spinal stenosis can be accomplished using a unilateral approach.
  • Lumbar fusions (TLIF, PLIF, LLIF, OLIF) on single or multiple levels (both primary and secondary)
  • To the absolute least, invasive adults with degenerative scoliosis can have their scoliosis corrected.
  • Thoracolumbar corpectomy (posterior and lateral) with anterior vertebral reconstruction
  • Koch’s spine and percutaneous spinal trauma therapy (fractures and dislocations)
  • Surgical removal of a spinal tumour (intradural, extradural, and paravertebral tumours along the entire spinal axis)

Cerebrovascular Surgery:

  • Intracranial aneurysms are treated with microsurgery..
  • Arteriovenous malformations are removed.
  • Angiomas of the capillaries and other vascular abnormalities.
  • Vascular bypass.
  • Vessel reconstruction with intraoperative ICG angiography.

Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery:

  • Hydrocephalus is treated by transcranial endoscopic surgery.
  • Endoscopic
  • Pituitary tumors and other skull base tumours are treated through endoscopic trans-nasal skull base surgery.
  • Trans-nasal endoscopic repair of CSF leaks.
  • Intracranial catheter/electrode insertion and stereotactic surgery for brain tumour.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery:

  • Following injuries to the peripheral nerves and plexus, microsurgical decompression and reconstruction of the nerves and plexus are performed.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that affects the hands and wrists.
  • Nerve grafting is used to restore function.
  • Microsurgery for tumors and damage to the brachial plexus.
  • Entrapment and tumors.

Endovascular Neurosurgery:

  • Mechanical thrombectomy in acute stroke
  • Carotid angioplasty & stenting
  • Aneurysm coiling
  • AVM Embolisation
  • Tumour Embolisation
  • Dural/Pial A.V.F Embolisation
  • Carotid cavernous fistula repair

24X7 Neurotrauma Treatment:

Emergency services for the management of all kinds of neurology-related problems and neuro injuries of the brain and spine, including advanced intensive care management, intracranial pressure monitoring, neurophysiological monitoring, imaging, and surgical treatment Cerebrovascular Surgery.


  • Neurosonogram
  • Nerve and muscle ultrasound
  • Nerve conduction study
  • EEG and portable EEG
  • Ultrasound guided injections for carpal tunnel syndrome and meralgia paresthetica.

Management of Neurological disorder like:

  • Intravenous, intra-arterial thrombolysis
  • Thrombectomy for stroke
  • Cerebral vessel angioplasty/stenting for stoke
  • Botulinum toxin clinic for movement disorders and other neurological disorders
  • Ultrasound guided botox injection

Paediatric Neurosurgery:

  • Management of all neurological disorders in children
  • Video EEG and repetitive nerve stimulation test Electromyography in children
  • Botox administration for kids with the Spasticity Forearm Ischemic Stress Test
  • Neostigmine Challenge Test for Myasthenia Gravis
  • Administration of developmental tools, including DP3, CARS, and specific learning disability tools
  • Formulating a ketogenic diet or modified Atkins diet for kids with intractable epilepsy
  • Metabolic diet for children with congenital metabolic disorders
  • Paediatric Neuro Oncology

This comprehensive rehabilitation regimen can help the patient maximise and regain normal muscle movement and function after a stroke or for neurological conditions such as:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head injury
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Bell’s palsy


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